Teas Test: Vocabulary Part 1

Choose the word that means the same, or most nearly the same as the underlined word or words.

1.    It is God’s purpose to fill the earth by means of procreation among humans.
a.    reproduction
b.    family planning
c.    intercourse
d.    interaction

2.    Do you feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try to converse?
a.    bad
b.    sad
c.    embarrassed
d.    guilty

3.     blunt ancestral knife
a.    long
b.    brittle
c.    sharp
d.    not sharp

4.    summoned to stand on a line
a.    call to a place
b.    go away
c.    stay behind
d.    go back

5.    meager wealth
a.    plentiful
b.    inadequate
c.    just enough
d.    abundant

6.    One country decreed that the purpose of teaching history is “to strengthen the nationalist and patriotic sentiments in the hearts of the people.”
a.    envision
b.    eliminate
c.    order rule or action
d.    adjustment

7.    People do not love a leader who is a tyrant.
a.    dictator
b.    friendly
c.    pro people
d.    democratic

8.    Claimed by our patriarchs to have survived.
a.    ancestors
b.    priest
c.    police
d.    uncle

9.    Many people are grappling with pressing problems.
a.    bothered
b.    annoyed
c.    worrying
d.    fighting

10.    In Western countries, especially reserved bicycle lanes or paths have sprung up along numerous thoroughfares.
a.    lines
b.    lanes
c.    paths
d.    streets

11.    In the Hindu’s funeral, the men in the family carry their dead father’s flower-bedecked body outside the house.
a.    scattered
b.    perfumed
c.    covered
d.    decorated

12.    Could wearing certain caps, jackets, sneakers, or other hip-hop paraphernalia give the impression that you follow the rap life-styled?
a.    decorations
b.    effects
c.    garlands
d.    jewelry

13.    In the first century, a ship had no engine to enable the captain to maneuver as he wished.
a.    move
b.    curve
c.    stop
d.    act

14.    Fire extinguishers should always be mounted near exits and should be easy to access.
a.    glued
b.    hanged
c.    placed
d.    tied

15.    An ant crawls along a tree trunk, oblivious to danger ahead.
a.    not knowing
b.    expecting
c.    nervous
d.    conscious

16.    World problems are mirrored in its cities – urban pollution and traffic – congestion.
a.    Jam
b.    Rules
c.    Problems
d.    Signs

17.     It is a literature that began in antiquity.
a.    middle age
b.    modern
c.    newness
d.    oldness

18.    My fondest dream is to travel.
a.    opposed
b.    independent
c.    wildest
d.    longest

19.    To share God’s word is man’s noblest duty.
a.    brilliant
b.    unsophisticated
c.    unworthy
d.    worst

20.    Frogs meld with their surroundings to protect themselves.
a.    blend
b.    share
c.    Tie
d.    Mutate

21.    The church is famous for its ornate altar.
a.    decorative
b.    simple
c.    unrelistic
d.    elegant

22.    The teacher had no trouble making the submissive students obey the rules.
a.    compliant
b.    dominant
c.    opposed
d.    repectful

23.    The actress is known for her flamboyant clothes.
a.    extravagant
b.    glamorous
c.    elegant
d.    sexy

24.    The arrogant master did not hide his apathy towards his workers.
a.    indifference
b.    caring
c.    warm
d.    sympathy

25.    Her engagement ring shows she is already bethrothed.
a.    person engaged to be married
b.    single woman
c.    married woman
d.    person not yet engaged

26.    The children saunter happily across the park.
a.    stroll
b.    slide
c.    glide
d.    run

27.    The news report is about fraud.
a.    honest
b.    deception
c.    unfair
d.    justice

28.    a pewter  plate
a.    made of paper
b.    made of plastic
c.    made of lead
d.    made of wood

29.    to renounce drinking
a.    abandon
b.    replace
c.    reduce
d.    allow

30.    edifying sermons
a.    conventional
b.    senseless
c.    uplifting
d.    common



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