NCLEX takers to take additional measures to pass

After the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. (NCSBN) voted, to raise the passing standard for the NCLEX-RN Examination (the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) and the passing standard raised to -0.16 logits on the NCLEX-RN logistic scale, some programs have been identified to have experienced a corresponding decrease in their graduates’ first-time pass rates.

In line with this, future NCLEX takers must take additional measures to keep up with the rising passing standard. According to those who already took the NCLEX with the higher passing standard, here are some helpful tips that would help NCLEX takers pass the exam with a happy heart:

  • Consider being self-responsible

Take control yourself, create a study schedule, and stick to it.Take all of the case studies and specialty exams seriously.Identify your weakest points before taking any tests.

  • Persistence breeds knowledge and confidence

Familiarize yourself with taking an NCLEX-like exam. Take practice exam questions in review books and take practice tests while you time yourself. Take all of the specialty exams to improve your confidence. When you take exams throughout the semester, don’t forget to study consistently. Do not just wait until the last minute, study from the moment you set foot on school.

  • Know your resources

Use course professors and techniques to reduce anxiety if you get nervous. Try to identify the kinds of questions that will be asked of you on the Specialty Pharmacology exam. Make flashcards for the unfamiliar meds.

  • Self-care

Maintain and study-life balance. Take a day or two off before the exit exam and relax. In between study periods do something to get your mind clear so that you can come back and absorb the information and use your time efficiently.


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