Detailed NCLEX Process 2009

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about NCLEX

  1. What is the NCLEX Examination?
  2. Examination Fee and Registration Information
  3. Directions for Completing the NCLEX Examination Registration Form
  4. How to Schedule your NCLEX Examination Appointment
  5. Procedure for Changing your Examination Appointment
  6. Personal Identification
  7. Examination Security and Candidate Rules
  8. The Day of the Examination
  9. Additional Information about the NCLEX Examination
  10. NCLEX Test Plans
  11. Client Needs Categories Covered on the NCLEX Examinations
  12. Scoring the NCLEX Examination
  13. Examination Items

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  1. Stephanie Zhao

    I am a Chinese undergraduate BSNursing student in the Philippine, by the way i will graduate in oct,2009. I want to know the schedule of NCLEX courses in your institute in 2009 and what is the price? How many students in one class? Is there a mini class with the tutor who could speak english well? Thanks.

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