Conquering New NCLEX Standards

You’ve just graduated from nursing school and are still feeling the “finally getting there” vibe. You are excited to finally be able to reach your dream of becoming a Registered Nurse when you hear the news that there have been changes being done to the NCLEX such as a higher passing standard. Suddenly, all the excitement is replaced by a wave of anxiety. Can you still make it? Are you brave enough to take the exam despite all these changes? If yes, how?

It’s all in the strategy, baby.

In taking the NCLEX, try to focus more on strategy, and not just content. Focus on the proper strategies for answering higher-level questions and the proper application of your content knowledge.

Learn to identify the proper topic.

You may encounter certain complications when taking the exam. However, despite how confused the questions make you, make sure you know how to boil down each question to its essential topic. Not only will it help you save time, it will also help you know what kind of answer you need.

Familiarize yourself with the test.

So now you know that knowing the content as well as the strategy are important, make sure you also understand what to expect such as the length of the exam, NCLEX question format and passing-level-difficulty critical thinking. Work on your test-taking stamina and be prepared to sit for all 265 questions of the upper-level questions to make sure you’re ready for anything. You may take various NCLEX practice exams online to help you hone your test-taking skills.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

You may do this by taking diagnostic tests which are available online and offline. Don’t just focus on the subject that you find interesting, or easy. Make the most of your valuable study hours by focusing your review on the areas in which you need most help.


Go make a study plan and stick to it. Treat it seriously and dedicate yourself to it. Plan your studies as well as practice sessions with your test date in mind to assure that you cover essentials. This is to make sure that no important topics are overlooked.


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