100% NCLEX Passing Rate for Northeastern Tech in 2011

NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) takers from Northeastern Technology College made a history among NCLEX first time takers. They are the first school to garner a 100% passing rate in the recent examination. NCLEX is an examination given to those who have graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing or any equivalent. In the case of Northeastern Technology College, the school offered an Associate Degree of Nursing. The class which is composed of 23 students have finished an Associate Degree in Nursing. Upon passing the said examination, they are now on their way to become the next leaders in the Nursing field as Registered Nurses.

According to Alex Barkman, the class president and now a registered nurse too, said that the whole accomplishment they got as a class shows how the college has prepared them for exam. It is their personal pride to have got that recognition and dedicate that accomplishment to their alma mater.

On the side of the school administration, Dr. Ron Bartley expressed his congratulations to the students who have placed the name of school on the national headlines as well as across the World Wide Web. He also extended his recognition to the nursing faculty for the unique achievement. The Associate’s Degree in nursing program has also been recognized since the 100% passing rate of the 2011 graduates.

Northeastern Technical College is one of 16 technical colleges accredited by the Commission of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to offer associate degree as well as certifications. An associate degree in nursing is now one of their prides. The school has its mission to provide an affordable education to residents in Chesterfield, Marlboro and Dillon Counties. As the demand in nursing increases in these 3 counties, the Northeastern Technical College has offered the associate degree in nursing. The program started in 2007 and began accepting students up to the present. The affiliating hospital in the program in McLeod Medical Centre located in Dillon.

As the graduates of Northeastern Technical College took home the pride they got from the NCLEX exam, the McLeod Dillon group took part of the achievement they got. According to Cindy Causey the associate administrator of human and mission services, the above mentioned news was an accomplishment too in their part as they have agreed to partner with Northeastern Technical College.

The college also took part in making the economy rise in the county as they respond to the demand of nursing. The nursing profession in the area have a scarce supply of nurses. Northeastern Technical College has opened Practical Nursing program as well as Certified Nursing Assistance program. This program in the rural setting has indeed been a successful one making students learn nursing without being away from their homes.

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