100% NCLEX Pass Rate for Clinton Community College

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y – The Clinton Community College Nursing Program has posted a perfect passing rate for NCLEX Examination. A total of 40 graduates took the test and all of them successfully nailed it.

In 2009, 2010 and 2011, Clinton Community nursing graduates have posted a pass rate on the exam well above those of the state and the country. They have achieved pass rates between 94.3 and 97.1 percent during those years. The national pass rates ranged from 84.3 to 87.6 percent during that time.

The success of the nursing program was credited to the hard work of students and faculty, as well as the support of the college’s administrators and clinical-site staff.

Clinton Community College President John Jablonski said that they train the students not only to be bedside nurses but also to be critical thinkers who are often promoted to leadership positions.

“The Clinton Nursing Program has supplied the majority of the (registered nurse) workforce locally, and I think that our track record will speak for the vital role we play in our health-care system,” she said.

“We have a longstanding reputation for competence and excellence in nursing practice, and our graduates are recognized, as well, for being patient centered.”

Kasprzak added that the quality of the college’s program is especially important now. With the economy improving, many nurses and nurse educators are opting to retire.

“We feel that with this nursing shortage on the horizon, it’s important for us to be contributing a pool of very well educated (nurses) into the workforce every two years”.

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