What to do during the NCLEX

Your hands are cold. Trembling, even. You can’t help but pace. You are nervous. You are anxious. But you are also feeling a bit excited. This is the day. This is it.

After months of preparing, after years of looking forward to this moment, it’s finally here: judgment day. The day that will test everything you have learned in nursing school. The day when you can prove that you are one qualified and competent nurse and that you are ready for the real world. Today is your scheduled day to take the NCLEX. So, how do you face this? How to you emerge from this battle triumphantly? What are some tips to help you get over this day with flying colors?

Be prepared

Make sure that everything that you need is at hand. You don’t want to panic on the spot because you forgot something that you needed to bring. When you arrive for your NCLEX exam, you’ll need your acceptable ID. You will no longer need to bring a paper copy of the ATT for admittance to the NCLEX. For further details, please visit Authorization to Test.

Dress Comfortably

This time, instead of dressing to impress, you should dress in such a way that you feel comfortable. This is not a party that you’re going to. Choose something to wear that will not distract you when taking the exam. You’re required to leave hats, scarves, gloves and coats outside of the testing room. However, provisions are made for religious/cultural dress.

Arrive early

Arriving late on the day of your exam is a no-no. Be punctual. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your exam. If you are more than 30 minutes late, you may have to forfeit, reregister and pay another exam fee.

Provide your biometrics

In order to be tested, the following biometrics will be taken: signature, photograph and palm vein scan.

Receive materials

There is no need to bother bringing in paper or writing instruments for this computer-administered exam. An on-screen calculator and erasable note board/marker for making notes will be provided.

Set your pace

You will be given up to 6 hours to complete the RN exam and 5 hours for the PN exam, including the short tutorial and 2 optional breaks. The first 2 hours into testing, the second after 3.5 hours of testing. Take time to analyze each question carefully. Do not rush. Once you submit an answer you can’t return to that question.

Finishing up

To wrap the exam up, you’ll end with a short computerized survey. After that, raise your hand and wait for the TA to dismiss you. Though the exam is graded as you progress, scores go through a second verification process at Pearson VUE. Your score is not available and will not be released at the test center.




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