NCLEX Exam made EASY

Having a hard time passing the NCLEX Exam? Try these 13 surefire NCLEX test taking tips that others have used to pass the NCLEX nursing exam.

  1. Read every question carefully.
  2. Ask yourself what the question is asking you.
  3. What type of question is? Is this a true response question? True response questions ask you to select the answer that is most correct/accurate.
  4. If this is a false response question. False response questions ask you to select the answer that is incorrect or so wrong that it can cause injury to the client.
  5. Look for key words. Key words will drive your answer. Key words determine the correct answer.
  6. Use key words to answer your questions. Keywords such as: early, best, now, later, most, appropriate, least appropriate, etc. These key words are like warning signs it tell you which direction you must take. More key words.
  7. Implement the process of elimination. Eliminate the two choices that make the least sense or make no sense. Then reread the question before you select the final answer. Before you make the final selection, use ABC to answer your questions.
  8. Use ABC to answer your questions. Airway is always first; if there are no airway choices, then go to breathing, if no breathing choices, then go circulation choices. Use this simple step by step process to get on the right path to success.
  9. If there are no ABC choices then implement the nursing process. The nursing process starts with A- for assessment. Assess, assess, and assess before you anything else. Step 1. Assessment- Airway, breathing circulation, data collection, and inspection, etc. Assessment choices.
  10. Step 2. D, diagnosis- nursing diagnosis. It is also call analysis which is assessing the data collected. Analysis questions ask you to select an answer that involves further nursing assessment. Never stop assessing, assess, assess. Analysis choices.
  11. Planning. Before you can plan you must assess. Planning questions ask you to select an answer about plan or what you intent to do. Sample Planning choices.
  12. Implementation. Implementation questions ask you to select an answer that involves an action, doing something for the client.
  13. Evaluation. Evaluation questions ask you to select an answer that has to do with evaluating the outcome. Here are some evaluations keys words such as further, teaching, revaluation and doesn’t understand.


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  1. Victoria

    When 2 answers were right, I followed my abcs choosing the “best” answer. Worked every time

  2. Lindsay Veldhuizen

    It isn’t a bad test. Just totally different than nursing school tests. You will do great! Your a smart one!!

  3. Kayla Nicole

    I took it and felt t hell. hat although I studied my ass off and passed, nothing could have prepared me for that hell. Lol

  4. Desiree Alderman Steiner

    Skye Fouraker, I KNOW you don’t need this, but these tips may help the pre-NCLEX nerves.

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