How to Prepare for NCLEX Examination?

 Things You’ll Need:

  • Internet
  • Saunders NCLEX study cards
  • Saunders NCLEX Comprehensive Study Guide
  • Sandra Smith NCLEX Review
  • NCLEX Online

This method worked for me. – I’m not guaranteeing it will work for you. But it’s worth a try. I took my exam in Aug. 2008 and the computer shut off at the minimum amount of questions. Good Luck!

  1. Saunders Nclex Study Cards – Perfect to start at any time. I bought a sturdy plastic container and just flipped through them anytime I felt like it… stress free. Some days you’ll pick up 1, other days you’ll do 10. No pressure no stress, your just reading a couple of cards in your spare time.
  2. Saunders NCLEX comprehensive study guide. – Great preparation for subject test while you’re in school, and great for the NCLEX too. No stress method – do the end of questions like you would and open book test. You’d be surprised at how much you’ll learn when you have to search for the answer. It sticks with you.
  3. NCBSN – – They create the NCLEX. They offer study subscriptions as low as (3-week) $49. Trust me, money well spent. I suggest signing up for this right before you take the NCLEX. If you don’t get a chance to read everything (lengthy), make sure you answer all the questions in the Q/A bank. and the Questions and the end of the lessons.
  4. Sandra Smith NCLEX study guide – Great questions and Rationales. list ways to answer certain types of question. Key words, Key sentences, tricky formats. – I suggest highlighting this section and reviewing it the night before you take the test.
  5. NCLEX Online – Simply one of the best NCLEX taking site that we have out there. Thousands of questions are readily available once you have become a member, which is free. They have the Computer Adaptive Test Logic program which will be very good should you consider their premium membership. It’s worth trying.

NCLEX Preparation Tips:

  • Always keep a set of flashcards (whether bought or self-made) on hand in order to make use of traveling/commuting time.
  • Set up a feasible study schedule early and plan to stick to it. There is nothing worse than wasting time feeling guilty for not adhering to an impossible schedule. When doing problems, read all of the answers, not just those you get right. This will reinforce your understanding as well as ensure that your original mode of thinking was correct.
  • As you go through problems, mark the ones you miss. That way, you will be able to review those questions you had trouble with at a later date.
  • Do not plan to spend every free moment studying. You need to reward yourself for your hard work once in a while. Make plans to see a movie with a friend, cook dinner, or take a trip to the gym.
  • Bring energy food to the exam. A full day of testing can take a lot out of anyone. Raisins, chocolate, and nuts are great snacks.
  • The night before the exam, pull out all of your paperwork and make sure you know where you have to be and at what time. Confirm any lodging and/or travel arrangements you have made. And try to relax. You have studied hard up to the test – passing is just a matter of calming down and facing the exam in an objective manner.
  • Make plans to celebrate after your exam. You will have earned it!

by: luvxoni, ehow member

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  1. k

    Take the winning attitude, I took the nclex I 1997 ,the exam shut down at either 50 or 75.What worked for me was one prep class and reviewing the Kaplan book . It is not about cramming but getting your mind in that moment.Listen to Mozart and eat fish prior to testing ,go in with a fighting attitude and u will prevail!

  2. Jami Galante

    I would say I have to disagree with some of these points. I used the Kaplan NCLEX RN 2014-2015 book. I did every question it came with and had an app on my phone. Honestly I did questions the week before I took the test, walked in confident and the machine shit off at 75! I ate a good breakfast and lunch before I went and also got a great nights rest. Oh and I had my children spend the night at grandmas house so that I wouldn’t have that distraction before the test. I walked out feeling unsure, but 2 days later the results were there and I PASSED!! I believe everyone of the 81 students in my class passed also…most of us with only 75 questions!!! Good Luck to those who will be taking it soon.

    • Cedric

      Good for you. 🙂

  3. Vonnie Martini

    Julie Borchardt

  4. Tenzin Choekyi

    Thanks guys for your great information….

  5. Jennifer Current

    And DO NOT CRAM the night before!!!!

  6. Jennifer Current

    There’s really no good way to study for it. The review class I paid a ton for was no help. Just get a good night’s sleep and go in feeling confident that you’ll pass. It’s very difficult, but they make it that way on purpose! Read each question thoroughly and answer right away. Over thinking can ruin it for you! I took it this past summer. Thank god that’s over with!!!!!

  7. J Do Hair

    Thanks everybody please add me as your friend!

  8. Grace Pena

    Group study.

  9. Janelle Barnes

    Side note…. Focusing on test taking strategies is far more important than trying to memorize flash cards! If you don’t know it by now chances are cramming info now isn’t going to help.

  10. Sarah Veuleman

    A whole day of testing?? My NCLEX test was less than an hour; and 75 questions

  11. Mavis Sporleder

    Hmm.. Nice site but I disagree with the info you wrote here.. And I’m sure that I am not the only one who is feeling like this right now. Call me crazy but I think the total opposite of what you’re saying lol.

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