NCLEX Test Review Questions on Health Promotion and Maintenance

1.    Ana, a pregnant mother comes to the facility for her first prenatal visit. When providing teaching, the nurse should be sure to cover which topic?
a.    Labor techniques
b.    Danger signs during pregnancy
c.    Signs and symptoms of pregnancy
d.    Tests to evaluate for high-risk pregnancy

2.    When developing a plan of care for a child, nurse Josefina identifies which eriksonian stage as corresponding to Freud’s oral stage of psychosexual development?
a.    Initiative versus guilt
b.    Autonomy versus shame and doubt
c.    Trust versus mistrust
d.    Industry versus inferiority

3.    At a public health fair, nurse Karen teaches a group of women about breast cancer awareness. Possible signs of breast cancer include:
a.    Fever
b.    breast changes during menstruation
c.    nipple discharge and a breast nodule
d.    fever and erythema of the breast

4.    A female newborn born by elective cesarean section to a 25-year-old mother weighs 3,265 g (7 lb, 3 oz). Nurse Agatha places the newborn under the warmer unit. In addition to routine assessments, the nurse should closely monitor this newborn for which of the following?
a.    Temperature instability due to type of birth
b.    Respiratory distress due to lack of contractions
c.    Signs of acrocyanosis
d.    Unstable blood sugars

5.    Nurse Ellen is aware that the following factors can cause hepatitis A?
a.    Contact with infected blood
b.    Blood transfusions with infected blood
c.    Eating contaminated shellfish
d.    Sexual contact with an infected person

6.    Which findings would be considered positive signs of pregnancy?
a.    Fatigue and skin changes
b.    Quickening and breast enlargement
c.    Fetal heartbeat and fetal movement on palpation
d.    Abdominal enlargement and Braxton Hicks contractions

7.    A male client undergoes a purified protein derivative (PPD) test for tuberculosis. After injecting PPD, nurse Remy should plan to read the test results after waiting:
a.    12 hours
b.    24 hours
c.    36 hours
d.    48 hours

8.    Which of the following would nurse Jacob expect to see in an elderly client’s skin?
a.    Increased elasticity
b.    Increased sweat production
c.    Slowed healing
d.    Increased nail growth

9.    Nurse Jeng is performing a psychosocial assessment on an adolescent, age 14. Which emotional response is typical during early adolescence?
a.    Frequent anger
b.    Cooperativeness
c.    Moodiness
d.    Combativeness

10.    According to Erikson’s theory of development, chronic illness can interfere with which stage of development in an 11-year-old?
a.    Intimacy versus isolation
b.    Trust versus mistrust
c.    Industry versus inferiority
d.    Identity versus role confusion

11.    Nurse Andrew should teach a client to administer oxytocin (Syntocinon) nasal spray while:
a.    sitting with her head vertical
b.    lying down with her head turned to the side
c.    sitting with her head tilted back
d.    lying down with her head tilted back

12.    Where is the best place for the nurse to detect fetal heart sounds for a client in the first trimester of pregnancy?
a.    Above the symphysis pubis
b.    Below the symphysis pubis
c.    Above the umbilicus
d.    At the umbilicus

13.    A client scheduled for a vasectomy asks nurse Erryne how soon after the procedure he can have sexual intercourse without using an alternative birth control method. How should the nurse respond?
a.    “You can safely have intercourse after 6 to 10 ejaculations.”
b.    “You can safely have intercourse when your sperm count indicates sterilization.”
c.    “You can safely have intercourse immediately after the procedure.”
d.    “You can safely have intercourse as soon as discomfort from the procedure disappears.”

14.    Nurse Juliet is planning care for a 16-year-old client in the prenatal clinic. Adolescents are prone to which complication during pregnancy?
a.    Iron deficiency anemia
b.    Varicosities
c.    Nausea and vomiting
d.    Gestational diabetes

15.    Gina, now at 37 weeks pregnant, calls the clinic because she’s concerned about being short of breath and is unable to sleep unless she places three pillows under her head. After listening to her concerns, the nurse should take which action?
a.    Make an appointment because the client needs to be evaluated
b.    Explain that these are expected problems for the latter stages of pregnancy
c.    Arrange for the client to be admitted to the birth center for delivery
d.    Tell the client to go to the hospital; she may be experiencing signs of heart failure from a 45% to 50% increase in blood volume

16.    Which of the following clients has the lowest risk of obesity and diabetes mellitus?
a.    A 45 year old Native American male
b.    A 23 year old Asian-American female
c.    A 35 year old Hispanic-American male
d.    A 40 year old African-American female

17.    Nurse Ruby instructs a client at risk for hypokalemia about the foods high in potassium that should be included in the daily diet. The nurse determines that the client understands the food sources of potassium if the client states that the food items lowest in potassium is:
a.    Apples
b.    Carrots
c.    Spinach
d.    Avocado

18.    Nurse Jess is reviewing laboratory results and notes that a client’s serum sodium level is 150 mEq/L. The nurse reports the serum sodium level to the physician and the physician prescribes dietary instructions based on the sodium level. Which food items does the nurse instruct the client to avoid?
a.    Peas
b.    Cauliflower
c.    Low-fat yogurt
d.    Processed oat cereals

19.    Michael, a 21 year old adult has a cholesterol blood test done at a screening clinic sponsored by s local health club. The nurse volunteering at the screening teaches the client that diet and exercise should be used as health measures to keep the total cholesterol level below:
a.    80 mg/dL
b.    200 mg/dL
c.    250 mg/dL
d.    300 mg/dL

20.    A female client with diabetes mellitus has a glycosylated hemoglobin A1c level of 9%. Based on this results, nurse Perry plans to teach the client about the need to:
a.    Avoid infection
b.    Take in adequate fluids
c.    Prevent and recognize hypoglycemia
d.    Prevent and recognize hyperglycemia

21.    Nurse Irene is conducting a dietary assessment on a client who is on a vegan diet. She plans to provide dietary teaching focusing on foods high in which vitamin that may be lacking in a vegan diet?
a.    Vitamin A
b.    Vitamin B12
c.    Vitamin C
d.    Vitamin E

22.    Nurse Maureen is planning to teach a client with mal-absorption syndrome about the necessity of following a low- fat diet. She develops a list of high-fat foods to avoid and includes which food items on the list?
a.    Oranges
b.    Broccoli
c.    Cream cheese
d.    Broiled haddock

23.    A male client is recovering from abdominal surgery and has a large abdominal wound. Nurse Katty encourages the client to eat which food item that is naturally high in vitamin C to promote wound healing?
a.    Milk
b.    Oranges
c.    Bananas
d.    Chicken

24.    Nurse Jamie is developing a list of home care instructions for a client being discharged after a laparoscopic cholecytectomy. Which of the following instructions would be least appropriate to include in the postoperative discharge plan of care?
a.    Wound care
b.    Follow-up care
c.    Activity restrictions
d.    Deep-breathing exercise

25.    Ashley, a pregnant mother tells the clinic nurse that she wants to know the sex of the baby as soon as it can determined. The nurse knows that the client should be able to find out at 12 weeks’ gestation because by the end of the twelfth week:
a.    The sex of the baby can be determined by the appearance of the external genitalia
b.    The sex of the baby can be determined because the external genitalia begin to differentiate.
c.    The sex of the baby can be determined because the testes are descended into the scrotal sac.
d.    The sex of the baby can be determined because the internal differences in males and females become apparent.


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