NCLEX Review Questions

1.    A female client with schizophrenia has been unresponsive to antipsychotic.  The physician ordered Clozapine therapy to the client.  The nurse informed the client that blood test will be done every week while receiving this drug.  The client asks the nurse why blood test is needed.  Which of the following is the most appropriate nursing response?
A)    “Weekly blood test are necessary to determine safe dosage and to monitor the effect of the medication on the blood.”
B)    “Your physician will want to know how well you are progressing with the medication therapy.”
C)    “Everyone taking Clozapine has to go through the same procedure because it is required by the drug company.”
D)    “Weekly blood tests are done so that you can receive another week’s supply of the medication.”
2.    A 78-year-old does not want to eat lunch and complains that the food that is serve does not taste good.  Consistent with knowledge about age-related changes to taste, the nurse may find that the client is more willing to eat.
A)    Greasy foods
B)    Sour foods
C)    Sweet foods
D)    Salty foods.
3.    A client is admitted in the hospital.  The client tells the nurse that she eats excessively when she is angry and then vomits so that she won’t gain a lot of weight.  The nurse suspects that the client is Bulimic.  Which of the following nursing diagnostic categories would be most appropriate for this client?
A)    Generalized Anxiety
B)    Imbalanced Nutrition: More than body requirements
C)    Disabled Family Coping
D)    Ineffective Coping
4.    The nurse is conducting health teaching about STD in the community health clinic.  Which of the following health teaching about women who acquire gonorrhea should be included?
A)    Gonorrhea is usually a mild disease for women.
B)    Women are more reluctant than men to seek medical treatment.
C)    Gonorrhea is not easily transmitted to women who are menopausal.
D)    Women with gonorrhea are usually asymptomatic.
5.    The nurse is preparing a discharge plan to a female client with peptic ulcer for the dietary modification she will need to follow at home.  Which of the following statements indicates that the client understands the instruction of the nurse?
A)    “I should not drink alcohol and caffeine.”
B)    “I should eat a bland, soft diet.”
C)    “It is important to eat six small meals a day.”
D)    “I should drink several glasses of milk a day.”
6.    A client has disabling attacks of vertigo.  The nurse suspects that the client has Meniere’s disease.  The nurse is aware that the diet of the client must be modified. Which of the following is the best diet for the client?
A)    High protein
B)    Low Carbohydrates
C)    Low Sodium
D)    Low Fat
7.    Which of the following is the most common surgical procedure for chronic otitis media?
A)    Myringotomy
B)    Ossiculoplasty
C)    Mastoidectomy
D)    Tympanoplasty
8.     A community health nurse is teaching smoking cessation program to a group of healthy adult smokers.  What type of prevention activity is this?
A)    Primary
B)    Secondary
C)    Tertiary
D)    None of the above
9.    A female client with breast cancer is currently receiving radiation therapy for treatment.  The client is complaining of apathy, hard to concentrate on something, and feeling tired despite of having time to rest and more sleep.  These complains suggest symptoms of:
A)    Hypocalcemia
B)    radiation pneumonitis
C)    advanced breast cancer
D)    fatigue
10.    Which of the following statements best describes the concept of autonomy?
A)    Health care team makes health and treatment decision
B)    The nurse provides the client with the facts and then allows the client to reach an unassisted decision.
C)    The professional staff of physician defines the client’s best interest
D)    The nurse respects a client’s choice not to know particular information.
11.    The nurse is removing the client’s staples from an abdominal when the client cough continuously and the incision splits open exposing the intestines.  Which of the following is the immediate nursing action of the nurse?
A)    Call the surgeon to come to the client’s room immediately
B)    Have all visitors and family member leave the room
C)    Press the emergency alarm to call the  resuscitation team
D)    Cover the abdominal organs with sterile dressing moistened with sterile normal saline.
12.    A client who had a cholecystectomy is transferred to the nursing unit.  The nurse is assigned to monitor the vital signs of the client.  How often should the post operative client’s temperature be assessed during the first 24 hours after surgery?
A)    every 2 hours
B)    every 4 hours
C)    every 6 hours
D)    every 8 hours
13.    The nurse manager is alarmed to the increase in the medication errors with IV antibiotics in the past month.  The best action to resolve this issue is to discuss the problem with each nurse involved and :
A)    Report the incidents to the hospital lawyer
B)    Document It on their evaluation
C)    Report them to the supervisor
D)    Ask them to attend inservice training for administration of IV medication.
14.    A client diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia is receiving Haloperidol (Haldol), Benztropine (Congentin), Quetiapine (Seroquel)  and Buspirone (Buspan).  After 4 days of taking these medications, the client complains of blurred vision.  Which of the following medication would the nurse suspects as the cause of this side effect?
A)    Benztropine (Congentine)
B)    Buspirone (Buspan)
C)    Haloperidol (Haldol)
D)    Quetiapine (Seroquel)
15.    A nurse working in an alcohol rehabilitation program is providing a discharge instruction to a client.  Which of the following would the nurse emphasize in the discharge plan as a priority?
A)    Follow-up care
B)    Supportive friends
C)    A list of goals
D)    Family forgiveness
16.    A nurse is conducting a health teaching in the community health center to a group of female clients about contraceptive options.  The nurse tells the clients that the intra uterine device (IUD) is a good contraceptive option for women who:
A)    have had a history of ectopic pregnancy
B)    desire short-term contraceptives
C)    are in monogamous relationship
D)    have a history of STDs
17.    Which of the following signs and symptoms would indicate that a client has benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)?
A)    Hematuria
B)    Flank pain
C)    Impotence
D)    Difficulty starting the urinary stream
18.    A male client who crashed his motorcycle is now admitted to the emergency department.  The client suffered tibial fracture that required casting.  The physician prescribed Methocarbamol (Robaxin) to the client.  Which of the following would the nurse identify as the drug’s primary effect?
A)    Reduction in itching
B)    Decrease in nervousness
C)    Killing of microorganisms
D)    Relief of muscle spasms
19.    The physician prescribed Ergotamine tartrate (Gynergen) for a client with migraine headaches.  The client asks the nurse why she has migraine headaches.  What is the nurse’s best response?
A)    Migraine headaches are believed to be caused by sustained contraction of muscles around the scalp and face.
B)    Migraine headaches are believed to be caused by the dilation of the cranial arteries.
C)    Migraine headaches are believed to be caused by irritations and inflammation of the openings of the sinuses.
D)    Migraine headaches are believed to be caused by temporary decrease in intracranial pressure.
20.    A male client is receiving chemotherapy for lung cancer.  He asks the nurse how the drug will work.  Which of the following is the correct response of the nurse?
A)    “Chemotherapy affects all rapidly dividing cells.”
B)    “Structure of the DNA is altered.”
C)    “Chemotherapy encourages cancer cells to divide.”
D)    “Cancer cells have susceptible drug toxins.”
21.    A 60-year-old client and his family receive the initial diagnosis of colon cancer.  Which of the following demonstrate the nurse as the client advocate?
A)    The nurse will document the client’s desire to try an alternative therapy.
B)    The nurse will provide the information about standard therapies.
C)    The nurse will allow the client to make health care choices on her own but will assist in ensuring the client is fully informed when making those decisions.
D)    The nurse will document the client’s treatment choices and provide information about alternative therapies.
22.    A client will be receiving general anesthesia.  The nurse reviews the laboratory result of the client and found out that the serum potassium level is 5.8 mEq/L.  What should be the nurse’s initial response?
A)    Send the client to surgery
B)    Notify the anesthesiologist
C)    Call the surgeon
D)    Send the client to surgery
23.    A primiparous client who is beginning to breastfeed her neonates asks the nurse what contraception method she and her husband should use until she has her 6-week post partum examination.  Which of the following would be most appropriate suggestion?
A)    Oral contraceptives
B)    Condom with spermicide
C)    Cervical cap
D)    Rhythm method
24.    A mother who brings her 4-moth-old infant to the health clinic for check up thinks that her infant is developing slowly.  When assessing the infant’s development, the infant should demonstrate which of the following characteristics?
A)    Sitting up with support
B)    Reaching for a toy
C)    Saying mama or dada
D)    Finger-to-thumb grasping
25.    The nurse is instructing the unlicensed assistant on how to care for a client with chest tubes that are connected to water seal drainage.  Which of the following instruction would be appropriate for the nurse to give the unlicensed assistant?
A)    Mark the time and amount of drainage collected in the container
B)    Raise the collection apparatus to the height of the bed to measure the fluid level.
C)    Milk the test tubes every 4 hours
D)    Attach the chest tubes to bed linen to avoid tension of the tubing
26.    After the first three dose of Paroxetine (Paxil) 20 mg, the client complains that the medication upsets his stomach. Which of the following instructions would the nurse give to the client?
A)    “Take the medication with 4 ounces of orange juice.”
B)    “Take the medication an hour before breakfast.”
C)    “Take the medication at bedtime.”
D)    “Take the medication with some foods.
27.    An unmarried pregnant teenager is scheduled for an abortion.  The nurse is assigned to be the circulating nurse in the procedure.  In countries like Philippines, it is not legal to perform this procedure.  In this case, if the nurse participate in the procedure the nurse serves as the:
A)    Principal
B)    Accomplice
C)    Accessories
D)    Witness of the procedure done
28.    A mother seeks an advice to the nurse on how to stop her 4-year-old son in sucking his thumb.  Which of the following is the appropriate suggestion of the nurse?
A)    Put the child in “time-out” every time the mother observes thumb sucking.
B)    Apply a special medicine that tastes terrible on the thumb.
C)    Remind the child every time the mother sees the thumb in his mouth.
D)    Get the child agree to stop the thumb sucking.
29.    A Mexican mother brings her 2-month-old son to the emergency department with high fever and possible sepsis.  The physician ordered lumbar puncture to the client.  The mother tells the nurse that she is not going to sign the informed consent form unless her husband gives permission to the procedure.  The nurse understands that:
A)    This behavior is unusual for Mexican cultural norms
B)    This needs to be reported to the social worker.
C)    The Mexican is considered the head of the family and makes the major decision.
D)    This needs to be reported to the Children’s Protective Services.
30.    The nurse manager assigned a nurse to perform care on the client’s Hickman catheter according to hospital policy.  After 24 hours the client complains of pain in the site.  The nurse found out that the client develops an infection and is considering litigation.  The nurse’s practice is:
A)    tort
B)    respondeat superior
C)    malpractice
D)    negligent

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