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1. (B) Teres Minor, Infraspinatus, Supraspinatus, and Subscapularis make up the Rotator Cuff.

2. (B) The patient experiencing neurovascular changes should have the highest priority. Pain following a TKR is normal, and breakdown over the heels is a gradual process. Moreover, a subacute ankle sprain is almost never a medical emergency.

3. (A) All of these factors indicate a DVT.

4. (B) Pain may be indicating neurovascular complication.

5. (B) Stimulation in the form of pictures may decrease signs of confusion.

6. (D) Adolescents exhibiting signs of sexual development and interest are normal.

7. (C) Observation of the student’s hair is the next step.

8. (A) Nursing assistants should be competent on all transfers.

9. (D) All protective measures must be worn, it is not required to double glove.

10. (A) The cane should be placed in the patient’s strong upper extremity, and left arm/right foot go together, for normal gait.

11. (B) The new onset of urinary incontinence may require additional medical assessment, and the physician needs to be notified.

12. (C) Both the family and the patient should have the need for restraints explained to them.

13. (B) The suicide plan may have been decided.

14. (A) Thrush may be occurring and the patient may need Nystatin.

15. (D) Do not administer pain medication or start a central line without MD orders.

16. (B) Check the intake and output prior to making any decisions about patient care.

17. (B) Dizziness can be a sign of hypotension, that may a contraindication with Morphine.

18. (A) Negative culture results would indicate absence of infection.

19. (A) Purse lip breathing will help decrease the volume of air expelled by increased bronchial airways.

20. (B) The Mantoux is the most accurate test to determine the presence of TB.

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