NCLEX Review Center R.A. GAPUZ REVIEW CENTER The RAGRC is now the Market Leader in Nursing Review in the Philippines, providing quality review programs to 50% of the total Philippine market.

It has maintained a 100% passing rate for the CGFNS and the NCLEX review from year 2001 to present, sustaining the Philippines’ rank as Number 1 globally for the “First time Internationally educated candidates for the 2005 NCLEX Exam Statistics”, garnering the highest number of Passers in NCLEX. Second is India, Third is Canada, Fourth is South Korea and fifth is Cuba and Nigeria. (2005 NCLEX statistics from NCSBN)

The R.A Gapuz Review Center (RAGRC) started in 1994 in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. It was a corporation duly registered by the government and was founded by Ray A. Gapuz, RN, MAN, a Filipino nurse.

During that time, the RAGRC was able to find niche as sole provider of the most effective review in this part of the country. Garnering a 100% passing rate in the first batch of reviewees, the company was able to position itself as one of the best nursing review centers in the country and expand its operations in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

NCLEX-RN Exam Review

The center offers two types of review programs for the NCLEX-RN Examination namely: the NCLEX Package Review (Comprehensive plus Intensive Final Coaching) and NCLEX Intensive Final Coaching review only.

The CGFNS Package Review is recommended for:

  • reviewees who will take the NCLEX exam for the first time
  • reviewees who have graduated more than a year ago
  • reviewees who have been or are presently in hospital practice
  • reviewees who already took the NCLEX exam and failed for one or more times
  • reviewees who would want a refresher course
  • students who will be graduating and would want familiarization of the NCLEX coverage
  • reviewees who would want to make sure he/she is totally prepared before the actual exam

RAGRC also offers a comprehensive review which is conducted simultaneously with the CGFNS comprehensive review. This is because the CGFNS is patterned after the NCLEX exam, in the question type and coverage. Aside from this, numerous exercises and test drills are presented to develop essential test-taking strategies and decision-making skills vital for passing NCLEX.

The comprehensive review is a review course which covers all the subject areas needed in preparation for the NCLEX exam. This course includes lectures, practice tests which provide a reconstruction of the actual NCLEX questions, test-taking techniques and computer hands-on. This review course enables reviewees to experience a simulated NCLEX examination through computer hands-on review. Personalized individual assessments performed by Mr. Gapuz provide a feedback on every reviewee’s status before the actual NCLEX exam.

The intensive final coaching review, on the other hand, is a two-part review course which includes: lectures on the most important concepts for the NCLEX exam; and an intensive computer hands-on review. This aims to focus every reviewee and provides the following:

  • the most important concepts for the NCLEX exam
  • test-taking techniques and strategies using the computerized simulated NCLEX exam
  • the latest trend in the NCLEX exam questions
  • an intensive computer hands-on review with individualized assessment by Mr. Ray Gapuz himself

For Info and Schedule Inquiries Pls. Call:

SM City Manila
Tel. no. 404.0961;522.2254


6th Flr. G.E Antonino Bldg. Kalaw St.,
cor.J Bocobo St., Ermita Manila
Tel No. 524-7762; 527-3347
Fax No. 527-3349

MANILA (SM Manila)
5th Floor Phase II, SM City Manila
Tel. No. 404-0961; 522-2254
Office Hours: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

MANILA (Ever Gotesco Mall) Newly Open
2nd floor, EVER GOTESCO Mall, Manila Plaza
1658 C.M. Recto Avenue, Quiapo Manila

Gapuz Centrum I
Bolosan District, Dagupan City
Contact No. (075) 515-8166

Gapuz Centrum II
No.80 T. Alonzo Street
New Lucban, Baguio City
Contact No. (074) 304-5488

G/F JRG Arcade Bldg.
Gen. Maxillom Ave. Cebu City
Contact No. (032) 255-2285

G/F Goldwin Bldg.,
(infront of Tower Inn)
Quirino Ave., Davao City
Contact No. (082) 305-1102

3rd Flr. Isidora Bldg. Burgos St.,
(infront of West Negros Colleges)
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental (034) 433-2474

2nd flr. John Tan Bldg. Valeria St.,
Ilo-ilo City
Tel. No. (033) 336.2692

Excelsior Bldg., 134 McArthurs Highway Brgy.
M. Recto Angeles Pampanga (045)-888.4905

JMAR 9 Gov. D. Mangubat Avenue
Burol Main Dasmariñas Cavite (046) 432.0466

Club House Bldg. Grand Victoria Estates Brgy. Bitas, Cabanatuan City,
Nueva Ecija (046) 806.2579

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    Hi! I would like to inquire about the NCLEX review schedule for year 2018. How many months would be the comprehensive review class. And how much po? Hope to hear from you soon and thank you very much!


      Sorry, I forgot to mention that I’m inquiring about the NCLEX review class at the Cabanatuan City branch. Thank you so much again!

  2. Mary

    Can you give me you nclex schedule this year in Bacolod City? I’ll be home on September 2016

  3. debeers

    readers! especially aspiring RNs!:) I just want to share what I personally witnessed today, at the Ray Gapuz Review Center in Ever-Gotesco branch. I seriously do not recommend this review center to anyone. Ugh, not anymore, after what happened today! We were on the middle of the lecture with Mr. Noel Heherson Vea Laciste, when out of the blue, he suddenly blurted out: “class wag kayo titingin sa labas pero pansinin nyo yung lalake na naka orange shirt.” There was a loud hooting after he said that since the guy in orange was as gym-fit as he could possibly be. A not uncommon sight for us reviewees because the guy would wait outside for our co-reviewee. The class thought Mr. Laciste, the reviewer, just admire the bod of the guy in orange… BUT… afters the hooting subsided, Mr. Laciste warned the whole class not to leave our valuables inside the classroom whenever we go out on breaks because he “feels something awful” and also reminded a RAGC staff to never let the doors open, and that there should always be a staff on the look out whenever it is breaktime. I could tell the girl, whom we have always seen with the guy in orange were all flushed and was already embarrassed by the nonchalant character maligning of Heherson Laciste to her husband (as we would learn later), mistaking her husband as a ghetto character of some sort. Before Laciste declared lunchbreak, he again reminded us not to leave our valuables unattended cuz he has a negative gut-feeling. I don’t know what transpired in 5 minutes or so because the next thing I know, the guy in orange barged inside the classroom, and confronted Mr. Laciste, all fuming mad, talking in a very strong american accent. Turns out, the guy in orange is a fil-am living in California, having his 6-weeks vacation in Manila, and accompanying his wife to her review for the boards. And overhearing what the wife of the fil-am said to her seatmate (they are just a row infront of me), she’s just taking a comprehensive review in preparation for her HAAD exam, she didn’t take the HAAD RN review but chose the NLE review because of the longer prep time of the latter. The wife hoping she can pass the HAAD so she can start processing her work visa to USA from the UAE instead of the Philippines since she want to work immediately upon landing on US soil than relying on family-based petition which could take up years before the immigrant is allowed to work. Wow! I learned a lot today. Not technical-wise but character-wise.

    Just my 2-cents worth, never ever malign somebody you have not really gotten in touch with, spoken to, nor even brush shoulders with. Lest, character defamation coming from a Registered Nurse which should pose as a role model, to the aspiring nurses and fellows alike. And I think, by Mr. Laciste’s behavior, we, filipinos tend to judge our own race, in the end, we can’t blame other races bringing down people of our own color, too.

  4. catherine

    hi..just wanna knw d schedule of d nclex review in sm manila???how many months??how many times in a wik???tnx soo much

  5. elith

    Hi! I would like to know your NCLEX review schedule in dasma,cavite. Im planning to take the exam. Also,pls. include the tuition fee for the review class and all possible expenses. Please let me know. Thanks a lot!!!


  6. Julie forinas

    Hi! I would like to know your NCLEX review schedule in cebu for the month of may and june. Im planning to take the exam by the end of june. Also include the tuition fee for the review class and all possible expenses. Please let me know. Thanks a lot!!!

  7. marissa ibay

    Hi i wan to know if you have a review center for HAAD in x- ray tech. Im here in saudi arabia right now.

  8. Tracy


    Do you have online review and assistance for NCLEX Florida? I currently work abroad and I need assistance with the process, also, I would prefer your Iloilo branch to will help me with this case. Thanks!

  9. grace

    I would also like to know po if you’ll gonna help us apply for ATT on cgfns and how much kaya lahat ang magagastos this days?? Thanks!!

  10. gina ballonado

    I’m Gina from Jeddah Saudi Arabia.I just want to know how much fee for the NCLEX exam.Can you process for me for the registration in New Hamshire?I’ll be for good /exit this July .Pls give me the schedule of NCLEX this year 2011.


  11. vernon rae buenavista

    how many days is the review for nclex and how much?

  12. vernon rae buenavista

    just send me to my email, thank you

  13. vernon rae buenavista

    how many days is the review and how much?

  14. cherie galeon

    pls. can u send me the sched for nclex for baguio city thanks…

  15. yeng

    hi, what books can you recommend for HAAD exam for Nurses? is it the same as nclex exam?

  16. joie

    hi., ask lang po when start ng review NCLEX-PN for june 2011 exam., and how much is the tuition?

  17. Carina

    Hi! may I know if you have any review center here in Abu-Dhabi UAE?.

  18. sherelle Lyn Rose Regacho Ga

    hi i would like to ask f your also conducting a review for Haad exam abudhabi? or are you also open for assissting a haad application for exam.thanks

  19. aileen am I’m planning to have may review there in iloilo., just wanna ask if when start yung review ng NG review center for the june or july 2011 exam? and about the necessary fees..thanx poe…

  20. trixie

    Enroll n po kau sa Kaplan Baguio for NCLEX nasa 30% cla ngaun hanggang february 15, 2011 n lang… I am already enrolled, maganda dun may live class may n maganda p ung nooks nila

  21. nurse

    How much is the tuition for review. And what terms can I avail?

  22. sonia caraang

    Hi…i’m from Ilocos.. May you please send me the schedules of NCLEX review for 2011..also an info about the necessary fees for this. . i would appreciate if you’ll send it ASAP. thank you.

  23. Junalyn Rubico

    Hi…i’m from Manila.. May you please send me the schedules of NCLEX review for 2011..also an info about the necessary fees for this. . i would appreciate if you’ll send it ASAP. thank you.

  24. cherie d. galeon

    I am interested in baguio review for 2011 (nclex) so, if you can email me the schedules and the fees. Thanks.

  25. del

    Hi. I want to take review for NCLEX for the year 2011 in Baguio City branch. Please let me know when and how long so that i can take leave from my job. Thanks.


    am presently working in jeddah ksa. want to know when ur exact date of review for nclex. pls let me know for am going to file a leave for this matter. hoping to hear from u soon. more power to you. thank u

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    i need to know you date of next class?

  28. carol

    Hi good day.I am a Filipina nurse and recently I’m here in Abu Dhabi,I would like to inquire if you are familiar with HAAD or Health Authority Abu Dhabi RN licensure exam?Somebody told me its like an NCLEX exam.Are you conducting review for such exam also?And if you have,how many sessions or months will it take?How much also?Do you have any schedules?I have learned that you have Nclex-RN IN A FLASH reviewer,how much that it cost?And where I can buy that book?Please answer all my quiries because its very important for me.Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks a lot.

  29. Jehnee Simeon

    Hello. I would like to inquire regarding the NCLEX review you are offering. How many months will it take to accomplish it? Do you have any schedules available already? What are the features of your NCLEX review? I’ve read from your page that you have a branch in Baguio. Hope to hear from you soon.

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