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The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), with the help of many experts within the nursing community, created the Learning Extension to help busy nursing students, nurses, and nurse educators meet their educational goals. Since 1998, the Learning Extension has reached 165,000 learners in 120 countries, and counting!

NCSBN Learning Extension offers NCLEX review courses with comprehensive nursing content. Whether you are taking the NCLEX-PN or NCLEX-RN examination, you’ll access content organized according to the latest NCLEX Test Plans.

With NCLEX-style questions, diagnostic pretests, Q&A banks, a free subscription to Taber’s Online and many other study tools, you’ll be well on your way to success. Sign up now!

For international nurses — The International Nurse Course Package gives you a special package price on access to the NCLEX review plus access to the Acclimation of International Nurses CE course.

Courses Offered:

Since 1998, the Learning Extension has reached over 165,000 nurses in 120 countries!
This online catalog can help you select the best course for you, while obtaining the specifics of each course such as:

  • Continuing education credit
  • Subscription length
  • Audience (who the course is designed for)
  • Full description, course objectives and requirements
  • Technology requirements, authors and testimonials from nurses who have completed the course
  • 1. NCLEX Review Courses

    NCSBN’s Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination v4.0
    NCSBN’s Review for the NCLEX-PN Examination v4.1
    Access over 2,000 pages of comprehensive content, exam practice questions and many other interactive tools designed to help you succeed.  Choose from four different subscription lengths to maximize your learning.

    2. Standards of Practice

    Nurse Practice Acts
    Learn what state laws govern your practice of nursing. 2.0 contact hours.

    Ethics of Nursing
    Balance your values and the right of your patient to self-determination. 4.8 contact hours.

    Professional Accountability & Legal Liability for Nurses
    Explore the legal liability of your decisions as a nurse. 5.4 contact hours.

    Disciplinary Actions: What Every Nurse Should Know
    Protect your nurse licensure by learning about the regulations that govern nursing practice. 4.8 contact hours.

    3. Compassionate Care

    Explore how cultural diversity in healthcare affects your practice of nursing. 6.0 contact hours.

    End-of-Life Care
    Provide compassionate end-of-life care and improve pain management. 3.0 contact hours.

    Respecting Professional Boundaries
    Set appropriate boundaries that protect you and your client from "crossing the line." 3.9 contact hours.

    4. Managing Patient Outcomes

    Sharpening Critical Thinking Skills
    Think on your feet in today’s highly complex health environment. 3.6 contact hours.

    Medication Errors:  Detection & Prevention
    Understand dangers and create strategies to minimize risk. 6.9 contact hours. 

    Patient Privacy
    Learn how building a stronger trust with patients can lead to better outcomes. 5.4 contact hours.

    Documentation: A Critical Aspect of Client Care
    Help doctors prescribe care based on accurate information; prevent errors. 5.4 contact hours.

    5. Relationships with Co-Workers

    Acclimation of International Nurses into U.S. Nursing Practice
    Identify challenges and find resources to help you in the process of becoming a nurse in the U.S. 6.6 contact hours.

    Delegating Effectively
    Learn the "who, what, where and when" of nurse delegation. 4.2 contact hours. 

    Confronting Colleague Chemical Dependency
    Learn why nurses are at risk, examine warning signs and explore options for reporting nurse drug abuse. 3.3 contact hours.

    6. Nursing Instruction

    Test Development and Item Writing v4.0 (2009)
    Learn the nitty-gritty aspects of test writing from those who guided the development of the NCLEX exam. 17.5 contact hours.

    Assessment of Critical Thinking v3.0 (2009)
    Assess your students’ critical thinking by learning to convert test questions into higher-level items. 15.6 contact hours.


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