NCLEX Application Form Vermont Board of Nursing

Here’s a quick step by step process on how to apply for licensure by examination (NCLEX) at Vermont Board of Nursing for graduates of international nursing schools, including the Philippines.

1. Visit and download the 13-page International Nurse Application for Registered Nurses. The first 4 pages are the instructions on how to fill up the form.

2. Fill up pages 5-10 (page numbered 1-6) to the best of your knowledge. Paste your 2×2 picture on the space provided in page 5. Page 10 is the Secondary Education page, where you will attach your original or certified true copy of high school diploma/certificate. You will also include in this packet your photocopy of license (front and back in one page) certified by PRC, photocopy of your passport (face page), $150 Application fee in bank draft, money order, etc.

3. Fill up the upper part of page 11 and 12 (Verification of Education) and sign on the space provided. Bring these pages to your school of nursing and have them fill it up, stamp and enclose these in school envelope, with the transcript of records, RLE summary and detailed course descriptions. Then they usually give it back to you for mailing; you can mail it together with your other forms as long as it’s enclosed and sealed in an envelope provided by your school.

4. The last page is your Verification of Licensure. Fill up the upper part and sign. Bring it to PRC for completion. The PRC will mail it directly to Vermont.

Processing and evaluation of your application ranges from 2 weeks to 4 months depending on a lot of factors. If you’re approved and eligible, they will send you an email about the next step, which is NCLEX registration at


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  1. angel

    good day! where can i download the application form of vermont state board exam…

  2. michelle

    hi am a new registered nurse and planning of applying nclex-r-n for vermont,is ces report needed before they process my application or its optional? i plan to take in 4 months time so i need to know the latest requirements for application.what site will i download the new forms?

    • Dee

      • Dee

        Hi michelle.. kindly add me on your ym. so we can help each other in application for vermont. I already sent my CES report to IERF and still waiting for their response tru mail

  3. dropitlikeitshot

    hi! the 13-page International Nurse Application for Registered Nurses is different from the site in this one

    im kind of confused to what i would follow. the CES in the vermont site is separate. you have to secure first the CES with IERF before you can apply for the state unlike the 13 page application here which is done together..

    can we still use this or we should follow what is in the vermont site? can somebody pls help me.. thank you

  4. Mitch

    Hi, is it necessary to include an employment certificate if you have a hospital experience (employed)?

  5. Rowena

    I’m from Philippines I’m planning to take NCLEX exam kindly provide me the steps on how to apply under Vermont State Board of Nursing. I’m a CGFNS passer and my credentials is still current in CGFNS.

  6. Maica Angelle E. Feraren

    Hi! I’ve been applying for Vermont State Board of Nursing for almost a year now. I’ve already had my CES Report but it seems that the Board of Nursing is still in review of my application due to insufficiencies in the number of hours in some subjects on my nursing school. I really want my application to be approved. However, it seems that my application will be revoked. Can I use my CES report for other state boards of nursing in the US? 🙂

  7. arlene

    Greetings of Peace.
    Im an NCLEX passer, and my file is about to expire on March 19, 2011 under California Board of Nursing..Can you still accept my application for receprocity in Vermont State this time? please reply me at my e- mail…thank you..

  8. rhoda

    hi. I heard I still need the CES report from CGFNS to be able to apply for vermont nclex is that correct? Pls provide me the specific details and docs that I should complete.

  9. argel

    hi! i already download the application form, whats next i will do? thanks..

  10. David

    Hi! I just want to ask about my situation: Apparently I failed my NCLEX exam for licensure to california however m ATT expires on January 2012. I am currently residing in New Jersey I just would like to ask if I can just request for reciprocity to take the licensure examination for Vermont instead of California because I want to practice in New Jersey I hope for your advice for on the procedures that I needed to do so I can process it Immediately. Thank you.

  11. Gerald Roque


    Im new here and I am planning to take the NCLEX luckily I found your website which gave a huge help for me. I am currently confused with what i had printed application to Vermont. I see that you have a different form being shared as pdf file which is more current?, Do I still need to download the CES verification form and when do I send it? thanks I badly need your help guys. Thank you.

  12. charmaine cruz

    do i need to take cgfns eventhough im from the philippines?

  13. charmaine cruz

    where will i mail my applications?

  14. charmaine cruz

    hi, im charmaine from the philippines. I’m planning to take Nclex at vermont state, but I am very confused about the process. can you pls help me? what will be the first step?thanks

  15. josephine baquira

    good day! i would like to ask how apply NCLEX at vermont state. after i have download the forms. what’s next? what are the requirements so when i go to PRC i will have all the requirements authenticated and certified. please send me your response asap, coz im already reviewing for the NCLEX and want to submit the requirements to Vermont state so i can take my NCLEX soon after im done with my review im a lilttle bit confused

  16. Lia

    Hi. I failed the Calif. Nclex-RN last October and still wanna try my luck in vermont state. I heard I still need the CES report from CGFNS is that correct? Pls provide me the specific details and docs that I should complete cuz it’s a high cost to get an agency to process some documents and your site is such big big help to us. Thank you very much

  17. felren bacus

    good day sir ma’am, how can I renew my license as an RN in Vermont Board of Nursing. Moreover I would like to know, approximately how much time it will take for renewal since the expiry date of my license is 03/31/2011.
    please give me a reply

  18. babu mangattukandathil aliyas

    Dear madam/sir, how can I renew my license as an RN in Vermont Board of Nursing. Moreover I would like to know, approximately how much time it will take for renewal since the expiry date of my license is 03/31/2011.
    please give me a reply

  19. sandeep ...

    i wana to know that post bsc degree is compulsory for those apllicants who already passed general nursing and miswifery ( GNM) to sit for nclex exam pls tell i m confuse thank you

  20. Stella Nzuruba

    I would like to register for NCLEX exams. What are the procedures to follow? I am a registered nurse in Britain.

  21. nice

    don’t I need to send CES report from cgfns?.. im from the philippines…thnx

  22. nikka

    i’m quite confused of selecting which state would i choose. do i have to undergo CGFNS if i decide the state of vermont?

  23. sharon tia

    good day! i would like to ask how to apply NCLEX at vermont state that im here in Philippines im a lilttle bit confuse because the forms included verification to prc.I already send the form for the prc to fill up but until now still waiting for the form to be filled up by the prc.

  24. unuppyvapyfam

    I am a newbie here.
    Glad to find this forum…as what I am looking for

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