NCLEX Application Form New York State Board of Nursing

Applicants who have completed LPN or RN education outside of the US must have their education credentials verified by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS). Such applicants should contact CGFNS at for the application and instructions to complete the CGFNS Credential Verification Service for New York State. Please note that this verification process is not the same as CGFNS’ Certification Program (which is required for registered nurse applicants applying for limited permits). The CGFNS Credentials Verification Service for New York State licensure applicants is a process for verifying the authenticity of education credentials. The CGFNS Credentials Verification Service for New York State does not indicate approval by the New York State Education Department of the content of education. After education credentials are verified by CGFNS, they are then forwarded to and evaluated by the New York State Education Department.

You will be advised in writing of the results of the New York State Education Department’s evaluation of your education. In addition, the licensing examination administrator will be notified if you are eligible for the examination.

Contact CGFNS at:

The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS)
PO Box 8628
Philadelphia, PA 19101-8628
Phone 215-349-8767
Fax 215-349-0026
E-mail [email protected]

Visit: New York State Board of Nursing License Requirements: RN & LPN

Download: NCLEX Application New York State Board of Nursing

Latest Comments
  1. Carmel Gail C. Dimitiman

    I would like take the NCLEX board exam in New York but am not licensed in the Philippines.Am currently living now San Jose, Costa Rica.How I can take the exam.

  2. rebekah

    I am a graduate of BSN in the Philippines but not a registered nurse…

    question 1: must i be a registered nurse to be able to apply for NY NCLEX?

    question 2: is English Comprehension exam required? if so, do i have to take it if i’m an immigrant?


  3. Riena Lee

    hello I am studying here in the Philippines and I in my 1st year now as BSN student.I have heard that US are getting more strict with all the foreign grads due to con currency issue.Espcially with all the curriculum in the Philippines Im wondering if you guys have encouter any difficulties becoz of this issue?
    Im US immigrant and came back here in the Philippines to study because its cheaper here but I am planning to move back to the States if I will encounter such problems..
    I heard there are many things to accomplish once youre a foreign grad.
    Pls give me some advice If you know about the con-currency issue in the states for foreign grads.
    I ama member of and I read so many issues regradig difficulties in taking the exams and get approve for NCLEX bec. of con currency issue.
    I am now inn the new school curriculum of the Philippies.
    In our 2nd yr thats when we start working or learning in the hospitals or “duty” starts on 2nd year.Before the old curriculum on your 3rd year thats when you work and learn in the hspitals or duty.
    I am confuse If I need to stay here to stdy or just go back to the states…
    please enlighten me thanks…

  4. James

    Hi i want to take nclex is cgfns and ielts still required? Do i also need my local license, because im a bsn graduate from d philippines and i really want to take d nclex… What are d requirements initially? Thanks : o)

  5. simi

    I am a US citizen who studied Bsc Nursing in India!! what are the credentials needed from here in order for me to take my boards in NY?

  6. lilo101

    hi. can i still apply for verification of my credentials even if i still don’t have any work experience??

  7. Jasmin

    hi good day i just want to ask if i can take NCLEX in California as a tourist. Im a RN in the Philippines and currently working here in Cana da as a live in caregiver?please do help me and how can I apply for the exa. If its possible can i have the list of requirements?thanks.Any favorable actions regarding this matter will be highly appreciated.God Bless

  8. Latania

    Hi everyone i am a RN from Jamaica how do i go about getting my credentials evaluated…is it one application form i should download (form1) and which one should my institution of study should full out snd mail directly to d board? please need your assistance.. respond to my email pleas ([email protected]) thanks much

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