NCLEX Application Form California Board of Registered Nursing

Steps for International RN Applicants

Here are the basic steps to become a California RN if you were educated in another country, and have never been licensed in another state in the U.S. (If you are licensed in another U.S. State and have passed the U.S. licensing exam, you may qualify for endorsement licensure.)

  1. Read detailed application instructions and download forms at this link. Or you may request an application packet by contacting the Board of Registered Nursing.
  2. Submit your application form, with appropriate fees. You will need to provide a U.S. Social Security number before a California license can be issued to you.
  3. Submit your fingerprints for a criminal background check.
  4. Submit a copy of your license or diploma that permits you to practice as an RN in your country.
  5. Have your college transcripts sent directly to the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). If your transcripts are not in English, there are special instructions for translation.(pdf)
  6. If your college has never submitted a transcript to the BRN for evaluation, the BRN will also need the college’s curriculum, catalogs, or other documents for evaluation.
  7. Apply for an Interim Permit if you wish to work under supervision temporarily while your licensing application is being evaluated. If you are from a non-English speaking country or did not take your country’s licensing examination in English, you will need to take an English comprehension examination to qualify for an Interim Permit. See the detailed application instructions for more information.
  8. Take and pass the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX). The exam is computerized and given continuously 6 days a week.

Visit: California Board of Registered Nursing – Get a Nursing License

Download: NCLEX Application Form California Board of Registered Nursing

Latest Comments
  1. Nikita

    Hi, I am canadian citizen as well RN license holder. I am applying for california license. I know they require SSN number to apply and to get license, but will they still accept my application so that i can write my NCLEX exam?

  2. china okafor

    please i dont have a social security number, i studied nursing in nigeria, recently travelled to california with a non-immigrant visa, how do i register for nclex in california with no social security number?

  3. ida

    Hi am ida, i submitted my documents 8months ago for evaluation and i have still not heard any news from the board of nursing.Any help pls?because am very worried and any body know their contact or how to contact them?

  4. Amy

    Hello to all! I currently reside in Gambia. I will be completing my nursing in May 2013. I intent on relocating to the San Francisco area after graduation. Being that I often visit the US (2-3x/year), will it be any easier for me to obtain a SSN so that I can apply to take my nclex? Your respond will be much appreciated! God blessed!!!

  5. julie

    hi am a foreign student applying for the ca rn exam,they asking for my clinical log book records why so,am not with it what do i do

    • Joy

      If BRN is requesting for your clinical log book records, more so that they would be able to verify your clinical hours.

  6. kiran

    hi i am PR in canada but i have done my nursing from india you will allowed me to give this test.

    • Joy

      Are asking of the California Board of Registered Nursing will allow you to take the test, since you took your nursing in India? I would think so, as long as you meet their standard requirements.

  7. Veda

    I take nclex in the Phil on jan 2010 then I arrived in California dec2010. I take the nclex the 2nd time but failed again. I reapplied but they what me to go back to school here in Cali because the theoretical and clinical was not accomplished at the same time. It’s hard to accept that I have to go back to school because I know this will cost a lot . So I’m planning to take LVN so what should I do.

    • elaaah

      @veda we have the same situation. its just that i havent take my nclex exam yet because they didnt allow me after evaluating my papers. they said that my theoretical and clinical was not accomplished concurrently. so have you spoken to the board of nursing yet?any plans in taking nclex exam?im from Phil also.:)

  8. crush

    to marhodz:
    hi your situation is same with my cousin but his evaluator said that he took his psychiatric nursing too early. my cousin took his psychiatric nursing when he was in 3rd yr 1st sem. his evaluator told him to go back to school to take it again. when did you take your psychiatric nursing? 80 hours for both theory and clinical? who is your evaluator? you guys might have the same evaluator. ok then hope to talk to you soon.

  9. Valarie Stuve

    No, sorry westham 88 can not agree with the legend side to your comment… Absolutly WAS Super Super Scott and so on… but a legend would’ve done a Brooking/Bonds and stayed with the side down in this league..!! All this cr*P about not being picked for England if he’s playing in the Championship.. where is HE NOW, yes with the England squad…Please please PLEASE let tottskum go down (I know it probably wont happen) then I guess he’ll jump ship AGAIN!!!!!

  10. marhodz

    to Gie:
    Hi that your asking about is happening to me. they said my hours in psychiatric nursing is below minimum because they have raised the minimum hours as of the FIRST oF This YEAR. oh well, i have 80 hours in my psychiatric nursing. my friend has 80 hours too and we graduated in the same school but was able to get her eligibility last august. im still hopeless.
    they said i should go to one of the schoolshere at CALI again to finish my deficiency.
    oh well, now i dont really know what to do. i aaplied LVN instead.

    so to those who are applying or who applied this YEAR of 2011, the board say they raised their minimum hours in Psychiatric NURSING. SO YOU HAVE TO STUDY AGAIN FOR THE DEFICIENCY.

  11. roxygal

    is there a forum for nclex applicants they say CBON is asking for more requirements

  12. ronald

    hi, how can i take nclex for CA BON even if i don’t have a license coz i finished my degree in the Phils. but i’m an immigrant and now residing in the US.? thanks:)

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